iSAVER+, An Energy Saving Solution for Single Speed Pool Pumps


iSAVER+, An Energy Saving Solution for Single Speed Pool Pumps

iSAVER+, An Energy Saving Solution for Single Speed Pool Pumps

Release time:2019.08.23


Being a unique energy saving product, iSAVER+ was introduced into Polish market and reported on Polish media. Thanks our partner FUNAM for sharing the superior performance of iSAVER+!

iSAVER+, the First Touch Screen Frequency Inverter

iSAVER+ pool pump inverter is a device that allows you to control the speed of a pool pump with an ac motor to significantly reduce electricity costs, wear and tear of the pump/motor. It is equipped with a touch display, which constantly shows the power consumed by the pump. A power consumption reading on the display give you an idea of how much energy the pump is using under different speed.

Up to 80% Energy Saving When Running at Low Speed

With an iSAVER+, the regulation of speed on single speed pumps is made easier. Especially its timer function, you can either run the pump at a constant speed, or set up to 4 timers for daily operation, each with an individual speed. With 80% saved at low speed, even if running it 24 hours a day at a low speed, you are still paying less. For indoor pools used all year round, the savings in electricity consumption will be even greater.

Super Quiet Running, Only at a Whisper Level

It is known to all, pump is the largest single user of residential electricity. It not only consumes unnecessary energy, but also generates a constant noise which normally above 60, sometimes even up to 70dB(A). As the first touch screen frequency inverter in the pool industry, iSAVER+ is a product of our effort in seeking continuous innovation to provide a better customer experience. It is an ideal solution for energy saving and quiet running, specially designed for single pool pump.

Many visitors at Aquanale, Splash or Stuttgart show were very curious about iSAVER+, especially when seeing a running set up on site. One of the most frequently asked questions is: Is it running? Our answer is: Yes, it is running, only at a whisper noise level. And they are very impressive!

How an iSAVER+ manages to do that? Running at a lower speed promises a much more pleasant user experience. With choices of 35 speeds, iSAVER+ can help you to take advantage of different electricity rates at different time of day, and need worry no more about the pump noise at night. It can reduce the noise from the pump dramatically by 25%, with sound level of 17.5 dB(A) lower when running at low speed.

Every small effort makes a difference. Together with our partners, we endeavor to bring enjoyable family pool life to every pool user, with a cost-effective + good quality + reliable pool system, so as to make the most out of their investment. We are sure there will be more and more pool users see the benefits of iSAVER+. If you would like to distribute our iSAVER⁺ in other markets, welcome to contact us for more details via email to, or visit iSAVER+ for more information.