What Should I Do with Foam in My Swimming Pool


What Should I Do with Foam in My Swimming Pool

What Should I Do with Foam in My Swimming Pool

Release time:2018.08.01

Do you enjoy playing in a foamy pool? First of all, it makes some people uncomfortable. Not to mention the impact of the foam on the pool, but we suggest to remove the foam as soon as possible.

In doubt, you may ask, I have installed the pool pump, but why does my pool still have foam? The foam in the pool is actually created by a variety of factors.

First of all, have you had a lot of people swimming in your pool recently?
Do you allow swimmers to enter the pool without any washing? Don’t underestimate this. In fact, we usually recommend rinsing before diving into the swimming pool, mainly because it greatly removes chemicals and pollutants.

Second, have you recently added any chemicals to the pool?
Do you know the algaecide? Sometimes, algaecide can produce foam. Some kinds of algaecide containing unnecessary metallic elements, such as organic copper, can blister. Maybe you don’t have to save money on algaecide. Look for more reliable suppliers to achieve the desired results.

Finally, have you recently tried to clean your pool?
Uncleaned water is also easy to foam. The first thing you need to do to keep the pool clean is to balance the water. Unbalanced pool water can cause a number of problems, while foaming is one of them.

What should I do with foam in my swimming pool - Aquagem

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