Little Known Secrets Of Swimming Pool Pumps


Little Known Secrets Of Swimming Pool Pumps

Little Known Secrets Of Swimming Pool Pumps

Release time:2022.06.28

The swimming water pump circulating purification system can be regarded as the supporting system of the swimming pool. The principle of the swimming pump is to use the pump as a power to push the pool water to continuously flow among closed water pipes, water filtering equipment, and the swimming pool. The function of the swimming water pump is to remove impurities in the water through the filtering equipment in the system, to facilitate the uniform and effective diffusion of the disinfectant added by the disinfection equipment in the system, and reduce the influence of the impurities on the heating efficiency of the heating equipment. Reasonable water flow organization and effective hydraulic distribution are extremely important to ensure uniform pool water. Therefore, pool water circulation is considered to be one of the three major elements of the pool water purification system. And all of this is inseparable from the swimming pool circulation pump, which is the heart of the pool water circulation purification system and the driving force to ensure the circulation of the pool water.

The importance of swimming circulating water pumps from pool pump manufacturer in the purification process of pool water circulation does not need to be accentuated. However, it is not uncommon for detailed problems in the design and selection of circulating swimming pool filter pump in engineering construction. The following is a brief introduction to the problems that are prone to swimming pool water pumps.

1. Pay attention to feet of head and flow of swimming pool circulation pumps

The feet of the head in the swimming pool filter pump are directly related to other factors such as the height of the water and the resistance of the pipeline. In the “Swimming Pool Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Technical Regulations”, it is stipulated that the head of the swimming pool water pump shall not be less than the geometric height of the water delivery, the resistance of the equipment and pipes of the circulation system, and the sum of the outflow head multiplied by a safety factor of 1.05 to 1.10 as the selected pump head. In addition to considering the resistance of the pipeline to the water, it is also necessary to consider a part of the head loss of the filter equipment due to the interception of the sewage after the water treatment system has been running for a certain time. Considering comprehensively, it is advisable to select the circulating water pump with a multiple of 1.05~1.10. from pool pump manufacturer.

It is very important to determine the water volume of the swimming filtering pump for each item. It may not be possible to share a circulating water purification system in different swimming pools or water amusement pools. Then you must pay special attention when it comes to calculating the circulating flow. Do not calculate the value as large or small. For example, which swimming pools and which amusement pools cannot share a set of circulating water purification treatment system.

The important point is that the swimming pool circulating water pump must be selected according to two or more. The purpose is that once one swimming pool filter pump fails, the other pump can also ensure normal operation, so as not to paralyze the circulating water purification treatment system.

In the water park project, it needs to be emphasized that the lubricating water supply system of the water slide cannot share the same pool pump with the circulating water purification system. This is absolutely prohibited. In addition, the water supply system of the water slide should be equipped with a backup pump for the purpose that there is continuous lubricating water on the surface of the water slide, and prevent safety accidents due to lack of lubricating water when the riders slide down the water slide. In addition, the standby water pool pump should have reliable measures to automatically put into operation.

The location and quantity of the pumping water pumping houses in the circulation river should be determined by professional pool pump suppliers sizing the shape of the river, the slope of the river bottom, and the length of the river course. The pool pump capacity of each pumping station should be calculated and determined by personnel. Generally, it should not be fewer than 2 water pumps, and they can be configured for one use and one backup, and each other as a backup configuration.

The key points of swimming pool circulation pump design and installation

(1) The circulating water pool pump should be designed as a self-filling type so that the pool pump can always be started at any time. When there are multiple pumps, the determination of the self-filling start pump water level should be able to meet the sudden failure of the running pump and need to switch the standby pool pump to start pumping, without cavitation and difficult to start.

(2) The water flow rate in the suction pipe in the swimming pool circulation pump is controlled within 1.0m/s. If the pipe diameter is greater than 250mm, the maximum flow rate must be controlled within 1.5m/s. The water velocity in the outlet pipe of the swimming pool filter pump can be greater than the water velocity in the suction pipe, generally, 1.5~2.0m/s is appropriate, when the pipe diameter is greater than 250mm, the maximum water velocity should not be higher than 2.5m/s.

(3) When it comes to designing the suction bell mouth of the circulating water pump, its diameter shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the suction pipe; the distance between the edge of the suction bell mouth and the edge of the suction pit shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the suction pipe, and the distance from the bottom of the suction pit and the lowest water level Not less than 0.4~0.5m.

(4) The noise during the operation of the pool water pump should not be too large, so as not to cause inconvenience to tourists or other people. The noise of each pool pump running is like a tractor running. There are probably dozens of such pool pumps in it. You can imagine dozens of tractors together. To reduce noise, it is recommended to set vibration and noise reduction measures, for example, the design of noise reduction check valve, the addition of flexible rubber short pipes at the inlet and outlet of the water pool pump, and the use of vibration damping brackets for the pipes, and most swimming pool owners will choose quiet pool pumps

The choice of pool pump

Water pumps can be divided into many types according to different types. For example, they can be divided into pool inverter pumps and variable speed swimming pool pumps according to their efficiency; according to the head size, they can be divided into small water pool pumps, medium water pool  pumps and large water pool pumps. In any case, when we choose a swimming pool circulation pump, we should use a circulating water pump with high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, durability, easy operation, safe use and easy maintenance, Aquagem inverter pool pump will be a top pick in perfect match with various needs.

Aquagem intelligent frequency conversion water pump adopts the latest swimming pool water pump frequency conversion technology, which can adapt the pool pump to various working conditions (circulation filtration, backwashing, heating, disinfection, suction maintenance, SPA massage, waterscape special effects, etc.), and used in pool water applications, which need to work at the best speed and flow rate to minimize energy consumption.

Main feature:

1. Energy-saving pioneer, Aquagem intelligent variable frequency pool pump has high energy-saving efficiency;

2. The variable frequency pool pump has built-in protection functions such as no flow and anti-freezing, which greatly extends its service life;

3. The variable frequency of Aquagem pool pump can intelligently control the circulating water flow, which can effectively deal with the problem of small circulating water flow caused by filtration and interception, and it also reduces the risk of people sucked in the swimming pool and the water hammer effect;

4. Aquagem pool pump runs quietly and has low noise, reducing external interference;

5. Intelligent control, programmable preset all operations of the water pool pump.

Aquagem is the most comprehensive manufacturer of variable frequency pumps in the swimming pool spa industry. Aquagem inverter pool pump factory has a strong R&D and manufacturing team that can provide users with one-stop inverter pool pump solutions, the best choice for heating swimming pool. Welcome to contact us for 2021 most energy efficient pool pump.