New Branding Era for Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump


New Branding Era for Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump

New Branding Era for Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump

Release time:2021.08.11

Aquagem has launched its latest logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand, to reflect its current contributions and future ambitions.

Sunrise Above the Blue Ocean, Sunrise Within the Pool Industry

The new logo crystalizes the brand name ‘AQUAGEM’ as the brand’s most popular identification label.

With the variation of the letter Q and the expression of the logo colors, the new logo imitates a scene of the first rising sunlight over the deep blue ocean, which indicates that as the inverter pool pump creator of the industry. Aquagem aims at the Most Silent & Saving Swimming Experience with its supernova full inverter technology.


Sunrise Orange & Supernova Bluee

Sunrise Orange & Supernova Bluee & Sunrise Orange

logo design

The engergetic Sunrise Orange stands for the charming sunrise-senery above the pool, gives swimmers energy, satisfaction and hearty warmth.

logo design2

And the Supernova Blue is a unique shade of blue shining brightly over the pool with unprecedented inverter technology, which makes the brand outshine.

The orange color fits the cutting-edge character, while the deep blue color shows its reliable specialty, which refers to Aquagem’s deep roots in inverter technology for over 20 years. Now, Aquagem is ready to play its leading role in new era.

The Quiz & Quest of Aquagem

logo design3

The AQUAGEM Q is espeically highlighted by the color of Sunrise Orange, which stands for ‘Quiz’ and ‘Quest’ in the deeper meaning on the brand value.

Every little innovation starts from a tiny quiz. It also embarks on challenging existing rules and breaks the boundaries. Aquagem, the inverter pump creator, boldly redefines the whole industry with its ever-polished inverter electric control system.

Moreover, Aquagem has been questing the future of outdoor lifestyle. Questing does not limit looking for breakthroughs by the inverter pool pump technologies, but also about continuous pursuit of ultimate customer experience with innovative products.

Beyond Design: Being the First and the Most

The thinking behind the design development goes much deeper than the core elements. As the creator of the first full inverter pool pump and the manufacturer of the first pool pump with full touch screen controller in the industry, Aquagem has been devoted to improving the user experience with the most silent and energy-saving pool pumps powered by the InverSilence® Technology, and aiming to pioneer a new inverter revolution in the pool industry.