How Much Energy Does a Pool Pump Use


How Much Energy Does a Pool Pump Use

How Much Energy Does a Pool Pump Use

Release time:2022.09.01

A swimming pool is an excellent add-on feature to the house. However, swimming pools require regular maintenance to keep water clean and healthy. The subsequent costs of pool maintenance can be high. And of all the pool equipment, the pool pump is the one that needs to keep running to ensure that the pool water circulates and removes dirt and debris. Therefore, the pool pump never takes a day off when the swimming season starts. How much energy the pool pump uses, whether the swimming pool pump is energy efficient, and how much electricity the pool pump costs have gradually become key concerns for pool owners and swimming pool pump suppliers.

How Much Energy Does A Swimming Pool Consume?

Pool energy consumption varies from 8,000 kWh per year for small pools to 15,000 kWh per year for large swimming pools. It depends on the type of equipment you operate. Pool pumps are one of the most significant energy consumers in homes equipped with swimming pools. Sometimes, a pool pump can account for half of a home’s monthly electricity bill.

How Much Energy Does A Pool Pump Use?

A typical pool pump uses about 1 kilowatt (kWh) per hour, putting it on par with running a 100-watt light bulb continuously for 10 hours. An inefficient pool pump may use about 2,500 kWh per year, much more for larger pools. It depends on how much horsepower your pump has and how energy efficient it is. Generally, higher horsepower pumps consume more kilowatt-hours, while energy-efficient motors consume less power than standard pump motors.

How Much Energy Does A Variable Speed Pool Pump Save?

Variable speed pool pumps can reduce energy consumption by 50% to 80% because they use lower speeds to consume less energy. They produce less energy costs compared to a traditional single-speed or two-speed pool pump. So, though variable speed pumps are more expensive, you will pay off in a few years.

What Is The Most Energy Efficient Pool Pump?

The inverter pool pump is the best energy-efficient pool pump. As the latest innovation in pool equipment technology, inverter technology is a breakthrough in the energy-efficient pool pump system. Based on the increasing research of the inverter pool pump’flow rate and power consumption, industry and consumers are more convinced that the inverter pool pump is the most energy-efficient option for green pools. Furthermore, inverter pool pumps have another attractive feature they usually run quietly. It creates a comfortable experience for pool users and their neighbors.

How Much Energy Does Aquagem InverPro Pool Pump Save?

Thanks to the magic inverter technology, the Aquagem InverPro inverter pool pump saves energy up to 15 times. As the worlds first inverter pool pump manufacturer, Aquagem has developed its InverSilence® technology, the most silent and energy-saving pool pump solution in the industry. Combined with the full-inverter drive, volute hydraulic structure, and DC brushless motor, the InverPro allows the pump to run intelligently between 30% to 100% capacity to fulfill different applications like filtration and backwash but also reduces the sound level by more than 30 times. Ita revolutionary upgrade that allows your pool pump to operate with a smarter, quieter, and more energy-efficient approach.



Now you can check out Aquagem Energy Savings & Noise Reduction Calculator to get an approximate idea of how much electricity your pool pump consumes and see how much you can save by switching to an inverter pool pump. The more you know about these numbers, the better you can make an informed decision. Thanks to the InverPro pool pumps powered by InverSilence® technology, it is time to say goodbye to annoying operating noise and skyrocketing energy costs. Feel free to contact our experts for more advice.