Why Inverter Pool Pump is The Market Trend – Comparison with Variable Speed and Single Speed Pool Pumps


Why Inverter Pool Pump is The Market Trend – Comparison with Variable Speed and Single Speed Pool Pumps

Why Inverter Pool Pump is The Market Trend – Comparison with Variable Speed and Single Speed Pool Pumps

Release time:2021.09.03

Inverter pool pump VS variable speed pool pump VS single speed pool pump-1

Inverter pool pump VS variable speed pool pump VS single speed pool pump, what are the difference?

As the heart equipment in the water circulation system, pool pump is the key appliance to keep your pool properly circulating and staying clean. If you are still hesitating on which pool pump to choose. You’re probably struggling among the 3 main types of pool pumps on the market. Which is the best to buy? Here’s to get the answers with Aquagem from now!

What Is the Fundamental Difference?

Single Speed Pool Pump is the most basic pool pump that operates at full speed once it is turned on. However, it works with extremely annoying noise and high energy consumption.

Variable Speed Pool Pump generally offers around several speeds to choose. By operating at low, medium or high speed, it makes improvement in efficiency than the single-speed pumps. Yet, it hasn’t achieved huge breakthroughs in performance.

Inverter Pool Pump is entirely different and innovative. Intelligently controlled by a full inverter controller, it can automatically adjust the operation capacity from 20% to 100% in accordance with real usage scenario. By utilizing advanced motor called permanent magnet sychronous motor, and superior hydraulic system volute structure, Inverter pool pump is far more silent, reliable and energy efficient than the other two types of pumps.

Which One is the Best For Your Pool?

Considering the performance, power consumption, sound level, maintenance and user requirements, the inverter pool pumps are probably the best you can get on the market.

- Inverter Pool Pump Helps You Save More Energy

It’s unnecessary to run the pool pump at full speed all the time to keep your pool water clean. By intelligently changing the running capacity for different conditions and keeping operating at an optimal speed for most of the time, inverter pool pump is dramatically more efficient over time. Take Aquagem’s full inverter pool pump InverPro as example, you’ll be surprised to discover the maximum energy savings at 6 Times than the single speed pool pumps.

- Inverter Pool Pump Kills the Noise For You

Apart from the expensive bills, noise is unwanted for sure. With the full inverter controller, the inverter pool pump is intelligently operating at the optimal speed for circulating and reduce most of friction by smartly adjusting the flow rate of water. Thus, the inverter pool pump is much quieter than imagination. For example, thanks to the InverSilence® Tech, the average sound level of Aquagem’s latest inverter pool pump InverPro only reaches 36dBA, which is as quiet as whispering in the library and 30 times quieter than the single speed pumps. Especially its impressive silent operation at nights surely keeps you away from the traditional pool pump noise and returns the sound sleep to you.

- Intelligent Inverter Pool Pump Saves You From Complicated Adjustment

Digitally controlled by the inverter controller, the inverter pool pump is so smart that it can intelligently operates at the required speed under different conditions, which is quite helpful to save your time and effort in adjusting the pool pump in person all the time.

For example, Aquagem’s InverPro can automatically operate between 20%-100% capacity or offer WiFi control to meet different needs in multiple conditions like filteration and backwashing. Moreover, the full touch screen on InverPro also provides you more user-friendly functions, such allowing users to choose from auto or manual inverter modes, showing power consumption and real-time water flows. 

Inverter pool pump VS variable speed pool pump VS single speed pool pump

Get the Right Pump For Your Pool With Aquagem

Always keep in mind with these 3 key elements – energy saving, quieter operation and intelligent control when it comes to making the final decision in purchase. With the advanced inverter technology, an inverter pool pumps will probably be one of the best investments you ever make in your pool by getting you proper pool water circulation for less money.

Aqaugem , as the first creator of full inverter pool pumps, is the only pool pump manufacturer that has the ability in developing the inverter controller. Distinguished by its mature self-developed core inverter technology InverSilence®, Aquagem’s products have won the trust from customers in Europe and brought them with more extra values. If you are also interested to Get the Products  and want to learn more about Aquagem , please feel free to contact us for further information.