One Step Forward: Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021


One Step Forward: Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021

One Step Forward: Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021

Release time:2021.10.29

The Piscine Connect 2021 was successfully held at the demand of pool and wellness professionals and jointly with the French Pool Professionals Federation on October 13th and 14th 2021, allowing the pool community to keep up with the trends, changes and innovations on the market. As the first inverter pool pump manufacturerAquagem actively participated in the digital event with the latest inverter technology InverSilence® and first full DC inverter pool pump InverPro that amaze and attract the pool and spa professionals. 

Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021

Exhibition Highlight: Release of the latest full DC inverter pool pump InverPro

Representing the most advanced intelligent pool pump applying inverter technology on the market, Aquagem releases its newest full DC inverter pool pump InverPro and introduce the latest inverter technology InverSilence® Tech on the Piscine Connect 2021.

Generated with the top industrial designs of full inverter control, special hydraulic system of volute structure, and permanent magnet synchronous motor, InverPro realizes a subversive performance in automatic stepless speed adjustment, energy efficiency, silence and durability as an epoch-making product in the pool pump industry. Moreover, its eyes-catching stylish appearance with a full touch screen is another key weapon to attract concerns from a lot of professionals, buyers and pool pump suppliers on the exhibition.

Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021-1

Technical Breakthroughs: 1st application of full inverter technology in pool pump industry

As the first inverter pool pump manufacturer that applies inverter technology on developing pool pumps, Aquagem again amazes the pool pump industry with the revolutionary breakthroughs brought by its latest InverSilence® Tech, which includes:

  • Energy Efficiency: 15 times energy saving than on/off pool pumps, which is super competitive under the carbon emission circumstance;

  • Ultimate Silence: 30 times silent than on/off pool pumps;

  • Intelligent Operation: Automatically adjusting the running capacity from 30-100% at stepless speeds.

The impressive performance powered by the InverSilence® Tech attracts great interests from pool pump suppliers, distributors and swimming pool service providers, with its outstanding advantages in improving the user experience and subverting the disadvantages of traditional on/off pool pumps. By the end of the exhibition, InverSilence has attracted dozens of customers and contacts from France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Romania, India and other countries, showing the huge potentials of the inverter technology and inverter pool pumps in gaining a larger market share.

Yet, the most rewarding thing of attending the Piscine Connect 2021 for Aquagem is the chance to get closer to our users face to face. By making wider and deeper connections with customers all around the world,  Aquagem is allowed to have deeper understandings to the needs of more pool owners in different countries and districts, with these feedbacks can Aquagem improve the user experience to a higher level, and helping our partners to win more customers in the long run.

Aquagem on Piscine Connect 2021-2

Higher Mission: Leading the inverter trend in pool pump industry 

As the technology-driven inverter pool pump manufacturer with self-developed core inverter technologies, Aquagem chases further than introducing the advanced inverter technology to the pool pump industry. Pursuing for more breakthroughs in technology and product development with higher standards, Aquagem aims not only to subvert and push the pool pump industry development in intelligence and energy saving under inverter trend, but also to create a better outdoor life for every one of us. Discover more about Aquagem on our website today!