How Does a Pool Pump and Filter Work


How Does a Pool Pump and Filter Work

How Does a Pool Pump and Filter Work

Release time:2021.10.15

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The filtration system is the key to keep the pool water clean and clear. As the important parts of any types of swimming pool, pool pumps and filters are important to the pool’s everyday health running. In this article, Aquagem will reveal how does a pool pump work and what is needed to keep it in good working order. 

What is a pool pump?

Pool pump is the heart of filtration system of every swimming pool. It works continuously to draw the water out of the pool, create water flow through your filtration system and return it back to the pool both clean and fresh. For inverter pool pumps, they are smart enough to run automatically at 30%-100% capacity, which is more energy efficient and easy-to-use to keep your pool water crystal clean.

How does a pool pump and filter work?

In short, the pool pump pushes the water out of the pool and move it through the filtration system, including the main parts of swimming pool pump, filter and pool heater, returning the water back to the pool clean and warm.

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Here’s how the pool pump and filter work together throughout the swimming pool filtration system:

  1. The inverter pool pump pulls the water from the swimming pool via the skimmers on the pool wall and the main drains at the bottom of the pool.

  2. The pool pump provides the power to move the pool water flows through the pump to the filter, which removes dirt, debris, and (if the filter is good) bacteria.

  3. After the water is filtered, it flows through the plumbing to the pool heater and then the salt chlorine generator (if you have a saltwater pool).

  4. The clean water returns to the pool through the return jets on the pool walls.

  5. The pool water circulation keeps cycling as the pool pump works continuously.

Choose a pool pump that perfectly fits your pool

Knowing about how a pool pump works with a filter to keep your swimming pool clean and healthy, obviously it’s important that choosing an energy efficient pool pump that perfectly fits your swimming pool. You can review our step by step choosing guide Here, or see our best selection of inverter pool pumps on our website today!

If you have any issues about selecting a proper pool pump, or having needs with updating your swimming pool pump with the latest inverter pool pump, please don’t hesitate to contact us on, Our experts will be very happy to help you with professional solutions, keeping your pool in great condition all year round.