Prepare Your Swimming Pool and Equipment for a Rain


Prepare Your Swimming Pool and Equipment for a Rain

Prepare Your Swimming Pool and Equipment for a Rain

Release time:2018.07.27

What will you do to the swimming pool after the rain? Rain can be acidic and affect the pH balance of the pool. After a heavy rain, you’ll need to add extra water to the pool to dilute the chemicals. How should your swimming pool equipment be placed?

If it’s just a light shower, you don’t worry too much about changing the pool. Light rain has little effect on pool water. But if it’s for a good experience, there’s no harm in doing some tests. If it’s a heavy rain or even a storm, be prepared to know exactly what you need to do to prepare your pool for the coming storm.

Prepare your swimming pool and equipment for a rain - Aquagem

First, disconnect all electrical connections to the pool.
Make sure turn off the pump before the storm. If you have a Aquagem’s pool pump speed controller, make sure the controller does not start the pool pump during the storm. If your pump and filter have a cover, it’s best to cover it.

Secondly, store outdoor furniture and pool accessories indoors.
Remove anything that is not fixed. You should put away any swimming pool toys and other moving objects. Lest they be blown into your swimming pool by the storm. Furniture, potted plants, swimming pool toys, swimming pool maintenance equipment, etc.

Finally, get ready to add more pool water.
Balance water properly. If necessary, add a small amount of dealginate. This will help protect against many of the organic pollutants from rain and make it easier to clean up the pools after a storm. Don’t let a storm turn your pool green!

Many swimming pools are equipped with overflow devices to drain excess water. If you are confident, it is recommended that you reduce the amount of water in the pool to prevent it from spilling out into the yard.

So in the end, pray for a gentle storm.