Aquagem Inverter Pool Pumps Make a Splash on the European Tour, Reaping the Harvest


Aquagem Inverter Pool Pumps Make a Splash on the European Tour, Reaping the Harvest

Aquagem Inverter Pool Pumps Make a Splash on the European Tour, Reaping the Harvest

Release time:2024.04.17

Aquagem is an inverter pool pump manufacturer whose innovative, artfully designed pool pumps have earned a loyal customer base across the globe. At Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, Aquagem won the World Records Quietest Pool Pump (prototype) with an impressive noise level of 25.57 dB(A). The silent performance of the Aquagem inverter water-cooling pool pumps has not just wowed customers but sparked buzz about the World Record and pioneering InverSilence® technology ever since. 

This spring, the Aquagem sales team embarked on a European tour to showcase the inverter pool pumps with several brand partners and allow more customers to experience the ultimate in silence. During dealer-related Open Day events, Aquagem met many old friends and new companions and gratifyingly enjoyed positive feedback about its patented InverSilence® technology and its utilization in inverter pool pumps.

Spotlight #1: Too Quiet To Believe It's Running

Many of the customers at the event were using an Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump for the first time and felt quite good about it. The most impressive part of the experience was the silence of the InverPro pool pump, which, when running with the water, just did its circulation job so quietly. Many customers did not realize it was running until they leaned in the pool pump close enough that they confirmed the pump was running indeed!

At the Open Day events respectively hosted by Pomaz - a Pollet Pool Group company – Aquagem’s brand partner in Benelux (left) and Pooltechnika in the Czech Republic (right), customers gathered to see the Aquagem inverter pool pumps and share positive feedback through their hands-on experience - especially for their silent performance.

The ultimate silent operation of InverPro pool pumps brings whisper-quiet pool living. The operating noise of only 33 dB(A) at a distance of one meter is no longer a numerical value but a genuine experience that makes everyone could not help but marvel: the InverPro pool pump is truly 30 times quieter than conventional pumps! 

Spotlight #2: Art of Silence from Water-cooling Pool Pump Still the Buzz

Another new inverter pool pump from Aquagem – InverMaster, the first water-cooling pool pump – attracted big waves of customers around it with its unique design. It breaks away from the typical industrial impression with a sleek, minimalist appeal that is as good-looking as well-run. 

At the Open Day event hosted by Pomaz, many dealers showed keen interest in the InverMaster water-cooling pool pump, even though it was not running on water that day.

The InverMaster, as with the WORLD RECORDS-winning pool pump prototype, harnesses the groundbreaking InverSilence-Cooling technology, elevating pool pump silence to a whole new level. Inspired by the success of InverSilence® tech, InverSilence-Cooling technology eliminates the noise typically from fan operation by instead utilizing pool water for cooling, making the InverMaster 40 times quieter. Thanks to its unique flow runner design and volute structure, they jointly optimize hydraulic performance and energy efficiency offered by pool pumps. Its refined PID algorithms and newly adopted water-cooled IE5 motors achieve a 92% higher efficiency for up to 20 times energy saving.

Many dealers had already seen the InverMaster at the Aquanale 2023 and Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, where it was one of the finalists in the Innovative Product Award at PWB. They are very impressed with its advantages of 20x energy-saving, 40x silent, and full touch screen intelligent operation, making them eagerly anticipate the official launch of the InverMaster.

Other Highlights at the Events:

  • The warranty of 5 years is a pleasant surprise for many dealers. Thanks to the innovative InverSilence® technology, the inverter pool pumps have revolutionized the frequent switching on and off of pool pumps, automatically matching the precise rate to the varying pool needs for efficient 24/7 operation, enabling a longer lifespan with a much lower failure rate for sustainable usage. Aquagem offers a 5-year warranty on all parts to ensure reliability and peace of mind for global customers, which met with great appreciation from the guests at the event.

  • The inverter synergy feature draws enormous interest from customers. Introducing the iGarden concept, Aquagem and its brand partners highlighted the inverter pool pumps can seamlessly connect with other inverter devices for AI-optimized control. The intelligent automation of backyard management through the interconnection of smartphone apps demonstrated on-site made customers very interested in the ease of synchronized operation of inverter devices driven by inverter technology.

Act Now for a Dynamic Future of 400 Million iGarden Ahead

Thanks to the energetic sales force and supportive partners, the Aquagem European tour wrapped up with great success. It was a rewarding journey for Aquagem as customers and partners generously shared their views on InverSilence® technology and products, allowing Aquagem to benefit highly from the lively discussions and exchange of ideas. With a thriving iGarden industry that includes approximately 40 million swimming pools and 400 million backyards, Aquagem is ready to expand the value of the iGarden market with industry peers. Join Aquagem to unleash more potential!