Aquagem’s Inverter Pool Pump: Not Variable Speed Pump, Not Single Speed Pump


Aquagem’s Inverter Pool Pump: Not Variable Speed Pump, Not Single Speed Pump

Aquagem’s Inverter Pool Pump: Not Variable Speed Pump, Not Single Speed Pump

Release time:2020.11.16

As pool pumps achieve variable-speed capabilities it becomes increasingly difficult to produce one that feels like a substantial leap forward, both on noiseless level and energy-saving level. The PFlow Inverter pool pump is exactly that – a substantial leap forward in the realm of pool pump capability. It outstrip both single and variable speed pump in term of speed control, energy-efficiency and noise reduction.

Aquagem Pflow inverter pool pump

Surpassing Variable-speed Pump in Precision of Speed Control

Compared with variable-speed pool pumps, inverter pool pump can be programmed to run at different running capacities from 40% to 100%, increased, or decreased by 5%. It can better adapt to all needs and situations such as backwash and proper filtration. To make swimming experience more convenient and more enjoyable is available with a choice of an inverter pump.

3 Times Energy-efficient Than Single-speed Pool Pumps

Alongside a soundproof swimming experience, the PFlow pump is 3 times energy-efficient than a traditional single-speed pump, which means it only takes 1.5 years to redeem the money you invest in the pool pump. In the long run, given the average 6 years life expectancy of the pool pump, the initial investment is totally worth it.

PFlow Inverter Pool Pump rapid payback within 1.5 years

20 Times Quieter at Full Capacity

Owing to InverSilence Technology, Aquagem’s latest product the PFlow inverter pool pump runs more quietly at a slower speed for better acoustic comfort. It is down to 36.6 dB(A) at 1 meter at40% running capacity, which is 20 times quieter than the average regular single speed that operate anywhere between 60-70 dB(A). It virtually eliminates unpleasant and high-pitched noise, ensuring an ultra-swimming experience at lower utility rates.

Trend-based Design – Aguagem’s Inverter Pool Pump

Aquagem, as the pioneer in the industry who first brought forth inverter pool pumps on the market, has been dedicating to inverter pool pumps R&D since 2017. And in 2020, it successfully rolled out its groundbreaking InverSilence Technology, ushering a new round of innovative revolution in the pool pump industry. It will be fascinating to see what comes next from Aguagem, and to find out what innovation it will bring to the pool industry.