Aquagem Best-Ever PFlow Inverter Pool Pump


Aquagem Best-Ever PFlow Inverter Pool Pump

Aquagem Best-Ever PFlow Inverter Pool Pump

Release time:2020.10.21

As the heart of the pool’s pumping system, pool pumps help you circulate the pool water through a filter, where the water gets purified from any unwanted debris and gems and then pumps back into the pool as clean and safe to take a swim in.

However, if you’re familiar with pool pumps, one of the most complaints you’ve heard about must be the noise. And the big reason behind the problem is that nearly 95% of the pool pumps on the market are single speed, which means the motor spins the impeller at only one speed. And the fact that their operating model is either on or either off will eventually lead to high energy consumption and low working efficiency. But the truth is, the more efficient the pumps are, the less noise they will cause.

Choose the Right Pool Pump Type

Compared with single-speed pool pumps, inverter pool pumps can be programmed to run at different running capacities, which is extremely energy efficient. They help to save on utility bills and do not cause unpleasant and high-pitched noise.

As the pioneer in the industry who first brought forth inverter pool pumps on the market, we’ve been dedicating ourselves to inverter pool pumps R&D since 2017. And in 2020, we successfully rolled out our groundbreaking InverSilence Technology, ushering a new round of innovative revolution in the pool pump industry.

20 Times Quieter at Full Capacity

Owing to InverSilence Technology, Aquagem’s new product the PFlow inverter pool pump is barely making a whisper when in operation. The PFlow inverter pump is down to 36.6 dB(A) (@1m) at 40% running capacity, which is 20 times quieter than the average regular single pumps that operate anywhere between 60-70 dB(A). It virtually eliminates unpleasant and high-pitched noise, providing you with an ultra-swimming experience.
Aquagem PFlow Inverter Pool Pump - 20 Times Quieter at Full Capacity
Rapid Payback within 1.5 Years

Besides ensuring a soundproof swimming experience, the PFlow pump is more energy-efficient, saving you up to 80% over a traditional single-speed pump, which means it only takes 1.5 years to redeem the money you invest in the pool pump. If we think from a long-term perspective, given the average 6 years life expectancy of the pool pump, it’s quite a bargain, isn’t it?
Aquagem PFlow Inverter Pool Pump - Rapid Payback within 1.5 Years
Let’s get the great performance with the PFlow inverter pool pump, but without the excessive noise and high energy costs!