When Is It Time to Replace Swimming Pool Pump


When Is It Time to Replace Swimming Pool Pump

When Is It Time to Replace Swimming Pool Pump

Release time:2023.03.31

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any property, and the pool pump is an essential component of any swimming pool. The pool pump is in charge of circulating water through the pool’s filtration system, which helps to keep the water clean and clear.

In this article, we’ll address the key question that many pool owners have: how to know when should you replace your pool pump and what type of pump you should consider.


When to Replace Swimming Pool Pump?

A pool pump’s lifespan can range from 8 to 12 years, depending on a variety of factors. For example, if you do not properly maintain your pump, it may not last as long as it should. Furthermore, pool pumps can develop issues such as motor failure, pump seal leaks, or rusted or corroded components, necessitating a replacement.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, newer and more efficient pumps are becoming available in the market, making it an excellent opportunity to replace and upgrade your pool pump.

4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace the Pool Pump

Strange Noises: If your pool pump is making strange noises, it is a sure sign that something is wrong with it. Grinding, screeching, or rattling sounds indicate that your pool pump needs to be replaced.

Keeps Shutting Off: If your pool pump is constantly shutting down for no reason, it could be due to an electrical problem, faulty wiring, or a damaged motor. In this case, it is best to replace the pool pump. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your other pool equipment.

Loss of Suction: If you find that your pool pump’s suction strength has diminished, it may be because the impeller is clogged or because the pump motor is broken. This is a crucial indicator that it’s time to replace your pool pump.

Constant Pump Leaks: If you notice water dripping from the pump, the leak may be the result of damaged pump housing or worn-out seals. If you are constantly having leaks, it’s advisable to replace the pool pump if you are experiencing constant leaks.


What Kind of Pool Pump Should You Replace?

When it comes to replacing your pool pump, you should opt for an inverter swimming pool pump. Due to their ability to self-adjust the motor speed from 30% to 100%, inverter pool pumps use less energy, make less noise, and last longer. Also, they operate continuously, providing long-lasting filtration and raising the standard of the water.

Being the inventor of inverter pool pumps, Aquagem provides pool pumps with cutting-edge InverSilence technology, which results in a 15X energy-efficient solution.

It’s a great option for any pool owner who hopes for a completely pleasurable and hands-free swimming experience thanks to features like the full-inverter capability, autonomous AI mode, visualized power usage, and full-touch screen.

15x energy saving pool pump

Replacing your pool pump is critical to keeping your pool clean and healthy. Strange noises, constant pump leaks, loss of suction, or frequent shutting down are all indicators that it’s time to replace the pump. Also, for a better experience and lower energy consumption, you can upgrade your pool pump at any time.

Switch to an inverter pool pump, and enjoy a clean and healthy swimming pool while minimizing energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. If you have any questions or interested in inverter pool pump or swimming pools, please feel free to contact Aquagem Team.