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Lead a Comfortable Life with a Silent Inverter Pool Pump

Lead a Comfortable Life with a Silent Inverter Pool Pump

Noise is unwanted sound considered unpleasant and disruptive to hearing. It may disturb work and affect people’s health which may even be irreversible. However, as urbanization accelerates and more cities become populated, this invisible killer has started to permeate our lives. So many people desire to live in a quiet environment.

Main sources of noise

In bustling cities, noise comes from various aspects, including transportation, construction sites, industrial and commercial activities, and even domestic buildings. They weave a web to wrap people up.

Why is noise a problem?

Noise may have fatal effects on human activities and health problems physically and psychologically. Sound becomes noise when it either interferes with daily activities like sleep or conversation, or disrupts concentration on thinking or working.

When it comes to health, our ears can bear a certain range of sounds without getting damaged. And the WHO defines the threshold at which sound becomes harmful as 55 decibels. If beyond that range, noise can cause hearing loss or increase the incidence of cardiovascular and coronary artery diseases. It is like a sophisticated killer who infiltrates daily life without being noticed. According to estimates by the European Environment Agency, around 113 million people are affected by road traffic noise levels above 55 decibels. And noised-based hearing loss becomes one of the most common occupational diseases.

A report titled “Burden of disease from environmental noise” mentions that while other forms of pollution are decreasing, noise pollution is increasing.

A silent environment matters

In daily life, it is inevitable for us to stay with myriad sounds caused by household appliances. To ensure our health and improve life quality, we need to carry out noise management and reduction. Only living in a silent environment can we stay away from consequential diseases. Aquagem has been dedicating itself to developing a quiet-running pool pump. Its premium products PFlow produce noise down to 36.6 dB(A) with the support of InverSilence Technology. Aquagem will continue to innovate to offer a comfortable swimming experience and a quiet home.

Post time: Mar-04-2021