Home Tips for Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance


Home Tips for Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

Home Tips for Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

Release time:2021.01.14

The swimming pool in your backyard is an integrated water circulation system. Pool pump, just like human’s heart, is the core power equipment of the system, the normal running of which is very important to keep the pool clean. So today, we will talk about how to maintain the pool pump to purify your swimming pool.

Home Tips for Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance - Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump Manufacturer

Regular Checks

Check the pool pump on a weekly basis. Record the information produced at the running process, including the running time, water flow, current and voltage, motor temperature and so on. If abnormal noise and vibration occur, record the types of fault, and contact a pool service professional to carry out any repairs. 


Preparation Work Before Turning On

Water is the lifeblood of the whole swimming pool circulation system, so never open the pool pump if there is no water in it! Fill the pump with water and turn the gate valve and check valve before you turn the pump on, making sure there is sufficient pressure at the pump suction. 


Pump Basket Cleaning

Pump basket provides a barrier of debris from entering the pump assembly and clogging the impeller. Cleaning your pump basket should be on your weekly pool task list to keep your pump operating at its full capacity. To clean the pump basket, the steps below should be followed:

1. Turn off the power of pool pump

2. Unscrew the strainer basket lid.

3. Lift up the basket from its housing.

4. Empty the trapped, clean and inspect the basket.

5. Re-install the basket in the pump if OK.

6. Re-install the lid and ensure that it seals on the large rubber O-ring. Be careful not to overtighten, firm hand tightness is sufficient.


With good maintenance habits, most swimming pool pumps have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years. High-end products can extend the service life to 10 years. From this, you can determine whether you should replace the equipment or not.


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