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Turn on Your Pool Pump and Frequency Inverter to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pool

Mosquitoes love water, moisture and humans, so your pool is an ideal place for mosquitoes to live in. Control of mosquito habitat is the basis of mosquito control measures. First, I think, you have to turn on your pool pump and frequency inverter.

Normal mosquitoes begin to appear in April and reach their peak activity in mid-to-late August. Is this a busy time for your swimming pool? Aha! But I hate mosquitoes. They carry life-threatening disease viruses. You never know what’s going to happen until you get bitten.

How to keep mosquitoes away from your pool?

Turn on your pool pump to keep mosquitoes away from your pool

First, what you need to do is keep your pool pumps open for half a day each day. Or you may need to add a frequency inverter to save energy and money.
Mosquitoes love standing water. Pool pumps keep your pool water fluid and clean. Mosquitoes don’t like clean pools.

Second, keep the yard free of excess water.
Check your yard after the rain. You may be surprised to find standing water where mosquitoes can grow in two weeks.
Keep an eye out for areas of your yard that are chronically damp. Change the water regularly if there is a fountain. Mosquitoes cannot reproduce and develop in flowing water.

Third, use the pool cover.
Keep your swimming pool covered when it is not in use. This can help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Fourth, pay attention to the greening of your yard.
Mosquitoes like mounds of wet leaves, rotting logs and tall, moist grass. Trim and clean regularly.

Fifth, fill the hole in the tree.
Do you have old trees in your yard? Trees with holes provide habitat for several species of animals and insects. But if you have water in your tree hole, it could also be where mosquitoes lay their eggs. You can fill it with expanded foam or other insulation.

Finally, keep your pool water clean.
If your swimming pool is full of clean, balanced water. The water in the swimming pool is turned over every day by the pump, so it is not suitable for mosquito living.

Aquagem’s pool pump frequency inverter is the pool pump’s best partner. You can use them to reduce your pool pump costs.

Post time: Aug-14-2018