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Choose iSAVER Pool Pump Frequency Inverter

In pool season, you turn on your single speed pool pump, which run for a long time with 2,900 revolutions per minute. Do you know how much more energy you’re going to use? You might say, I don’t have a choice, the pump has only one speed, and I can’t control it. Do you really have no choice? No, you just don’t know you have choice. You can choose pool pump frequency inverter.

What is the pool pump frequency inverter. Variable frequency is the adjustable frequency. A pool pump frequency inverter is a machine that can adjust the pool pump speed. Variable frequency can achieve the purpose of energy saving. Unlike normal pool pumps, which regulate flow through a valve, the pool pump frequency inverter directly regulates speed, not the valve. The essential difference is that the regulating valve cannot save energy while the regulating frequency can. Saving energy is saving money!

If it doesn’t give you enough reason to choose a pool pump frequency inverter, We will give you more.

iSAVER pool pump frequency inverter is easy to install, easy to use and affordable. You can choose either a fan-free configuration or one with a silent fan to meet your various needs. When the temperature reaches 70 ℃, silent fan will automatically open. Humanized design! And it have 4 timers for daily operation setting, each with individual speed.

Don’t give up your single speed pool pump. With a single speed pool pump and a frequency inverter, you have your own energy saving pool pump.

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Post time: Aug-24-2018