Pool Pump Basics: What Does A Pool Pump Consist Of


Pool Pump Basics: What Does A Pool Pump Consist Of

Pool Pump Basics: What Does A Pool Pump Consist Of

Release time:2023.06.30

A pool pump is the most vital part of a swimming pool, the heart of any pool circulation system. The pool pump pulls the water out of the swimming pool, pushes it to other equipment for treatment, filtration, and heating, and returns clean, healthy, and warm water to the swimming pool. Today, more pool families are applying inverter pool pumps because inverter technology brings increased energy efficiency, enhanced silent effect, and a new intelligent operation. Let’s now go over the crucial parts of inverter pool pumps. By understanding the various components of a pool pump and how they work together, we can better manage the pump for optimum performance and longevity.

What Does A Pool Pump Consist Of?

An inverter pool pump is a sophisticated apparatus with several essential parts, including a programmable controller, motor, diffuser, impeller, shaft seal, motor shaft, groove ball bear, basket, and pump body. In the following, we will focus on some of these crucial components.

  • Motor. The motor is the brain of the pool pump, the engine that drives the pool pump. The motor generates the necessary force to rotate the impeller and circulate the water. While older motors have only one on/off option, modern motors have many settings that allow them to run at lower speeds, thus saving power. Permanent magnet motors are the new variable speed motors that operate more quietly and last longer than the less-efficient induction motors of conventional pumps.

  • Diffuser. The diffuser, which directs the water flow from the impeller to the volute, is a crucial component of the pool pump. Its primary purpose is to increase the water pressure and flow rate by evenly dispersing the water as it leaves the impeller. It lies between the impeller and the volute, acting as a device that can increase the suction force of the impeller.

  • Impeller. An impeller is a rotor to raise the pressure of a pool. Unlike turbines, which use water flow to generate energy, the pool pump impeller applies power to generate water flow. An impeller, powered by the motor, keeps the water circulating through the pool’s filtration system.


What Is A Pool Pump with Intelligent Full Touch Controller?

The pool pump with an intelligent full-touch controller is one of the best inverter pool pumps on the market today. Aquagem is the first pool pump manufacturer to develop and launch this new type of inverter swimming pool pump. As the creator of the inverter pool pump, Aquagem goes into small details to keep optimizing the design of inverter pool pumps. Supported by the in-house developed InverSilence® technology, Aquagem unveiled the InverPro pool pump that combines full inverter technology, a volute hydraulic system, and DC brushless motor for the most silent and energy-saving pump solution. It operates intelligently between 30~100% capacity for different applications such as filtration and backwash while reducing the sound level by more than 30 times and saving energy up to 15 times.

What Can A Pool Pump with Intelligent Full Touch Controller Do?

As the first inverter pool pump with a full-touch screen in the pool industry, the InverPro offers many user-friendly features with its unique intelligent full-touch controller. For example, you can freely switch between Auto Inverter mode and Manual Inverter mode; you can see how well your pool is circulating and saving energy with flow reading and power consumption reading on the intelligent full touch screen. The InverPro applies a minimalist flat panel design that one-click backwash makes it easy for zero-base users to get started. For more instructions, please read How to Use Inverter Pool Pumps.

In addition to the intelligent full-touch controller, the InverPro pool pump has a volute hydraulic system that dramatically reduces noise, increases flow rate, and provides greater hydrodynamic force. The volute structure isolates noise and makes more turbulence-free flow at less noise compared with the traditional diffuser type. And the pump motor from the InverPro is DC brushless motor, which ensures the pump has much less noise, higher efficiency, and more durability.


Any swimming pool needs a pool pump. It circulates the water through a filtration system to keep the pool water clean and clear. Every component of an inverter pool pump is necessary and critical. Just as every detail of the InverPro matters. As the latest generation of inverter pool pumps, the InverPro pool pump with an intelligent full touch screen enables an all-new pool experience for users, leading you to ultra silence and energy efficiency, 24-hour live water, and more intelligent control. Looking ahead, Aquagem will continue to delve deeper into technology and introduce more disruptive and innovative pool products to make pool pumps with further possibilities. More innovations are in the pipeline. Follow Aquagem on LinkedIn and Facebook so you won’t miss any of the latest.