Aquagem: The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump on the market


Aquagem: The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump on the market

Aquagem: The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump on the market

Release time:2021.08.06

As the swimming activity is expected to look for pleasures and health, the sound caused by pool equipment is an essential part of pool maintenance. According to a survey, the noise higher than 60 dBA will make an impact on both people’s psychological and physical health. As we all know, the noise heard in swimming is mainly from pool pump. To shake off noise pollution requires you to choose the quietest pool pumps.

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Compared with single-speed pool pumps or variable speed pumps, Aquagem InverPro is a pool inverter pump supported by INVERSilence® Tech. It contains three technological innovations to upgrade the noise reduction performance of Aquagem InverPro, which are Full Inverter Control, Special Hydraulic System and Efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor respectively. Owing to INVERSilence® Tech, Aquagem’s whisper flow pool pumps achieves 30 times quieter performance than other traditional on/off pool pumps.

Full Inverter Control

Full Inverter Control refers that Aquagem’s Inverpro Inverter pool pump is programmed to operate at different running capacities in accordance with temperature. That means the quiet pool pump motor is capable to precisely control the pump speed round by round. The traditional pump has only one or a few speed choices which might not always suitable for your pool. Small size will not work well and large size will cause many annoying noise. Therefore, as for the inverter pool pump automatically modulating running capacity in a range from 20% to 100% and soft starting reduce noise dramatically.

Special Hydraulic System

Usually, the normal pool pump assembles fans inside to convey water. The water crash rotating fans bitterly so as to be transported into higher pipes. It is inevitable to make loud noise in transporting process. However, Aquagem uses Special Hygraulic System to take place of traditional fans. Aquagem adopts volute structure inside to convey water smoothly. Based on this volute structure, the pressure in pipe presses water to flow along with the volute without making more turbulence. From this point of view, inverter pool pump optimized with Special hydraulic System make much less noise compared with traditional diffuser type.

Efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Aquagem InverPro has an Efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor which ensures the pump much less noise, higher efficiency and more durable quality.

InverPro operates under its optimum condition with a sound pressure at 36 dBA @ 1 m. The sound of inverter for pool pump is just like a whisper and even quieter than the noise of some refrigerator. We all prefer to have an enjoyable dip in pool without making loud noise and annoying your neighbors, hence Aquagem InverPro is the favorable pool pump for you.


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