How to prepare your pool for Spring with inverter pool pump?


How to prepare your pool for Spring with inverter pool pump?

How to prepare your pool for Spring with inverter pool pump?

Release time:2022.02.18

Preparing your swimming pool for the spring is necessary to ensure it’s ready to get into tip-top condition to dive into as the temperature starts warming. Here are 5 simple and practical steps for both inground pools and above-ground pools from Aquagem to help you get your swimming pool well-prepared for spring, which are easier than you think and useful in saving your efforts!

Easy-to-Follow Steps to Prepare Your Pool for Spring

1. Clean the Pool Cover

Many people use a pool cover to protect their swimming pool during the winter. Before removing it to open the pool, you should first clean the debris, leaves, snow and any trash left on the cover, in case they may fall into the pool water and add extra efforts for pool cleaning.

 2. Clean and Fill the Pool Water to Normal Level

Skim you’re the debris in the pool water and fully clean the bottom of the swimming pool after removing the pool cover. To ensure normal pool circulation and to keep the pool appliance functioning normally, don’t forget to fill the pool water to a normal level.

3. Check All Pool Equipment

Remember to check if all the pool equipment is in good condition before reconnecting and opening them, including inverter pool pump and filter of filtration system, heater and so on. Apart from the function, checking the connection of every pool appliance with the plumbing lines is also necessary.

4. Adjust the Pool Water Chemistry

After the water is cleaned with the debris, you should test the water with the chlorine, pH and water hardness. The pH should be between 7.4-7.6, chlorine levels should be 1 to 3 parts per million and the water hardness should be between 150-400 parts million for a safe recommendation. Make sure your pool pump is running when you add chemicals to the pool water so that they can circulate through the water.

 5. Start the Filtration and Pool Sanitation System

The last step following the pool cleaning and water adjustment is bringing the pool back to recirculation to remove suspended matter. Start and keep the filtration system and sanitation system running for at least 2 days to help thoroughly filter the pool water and prevent the growth of algae.

While implementing these tips for swimming pool preparation for spring, it is equally important to focus on the quality of solutions. For a smart control and energy-saving operation in the daily pool running, an inverter pool pump is necessary for the pool system.

The latest-launched inverter pool pump InverMaster by Aquagem is no doubt the best choice for 2022. With the cutting-edge InverSilence® Tech, it’s mastered in automatically adjusting the pool pump running capacity to adopt multiple conditions and saving up to 16 times energy.

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