Pool Pump Information Guide: Why Do You Need An Inverter Pool Pump?


Pool Pump Information Guide: Why Do You Need An Inverter Pool Pump?

Pool Pump Information Guide: Why Do You Need An Inverter Pool Pump?

Release time:2024.01.31

The pool pump, an essential part of any swimming pool, plays a crucial role in the circulation of water in the pool. It runs the water through a filtration system to keep the water in the swimming pool clean and clear.

Today, single-speed and dual-speed pool pumps are officially a thing of the past. More pool owners are upgrading the inefficient, noisy, water-intensive, and energy-consuming pumps with far better inverter pool pumps.

Why is a pool pump controlled by an inverter necessary? We will find out in this Pool Pump Information Guide.

Why Do You Need An Inverter Pool Pump?

Inverter pool pumps are well suited to today's needs - because they save energy to reduce carbon emissions, conserve water to combat worsening water scarcity and droughts, and run quietly to minimize noise and enhance comfort.

1. Higher energy efficiency is a must for pool pumps.

With energy scarcity today, it is essential that pool pumps have adequate energy conservation capabilities. We need energy-efficient pool pump solutions for sustainable pools. With this in mind, several countries introduced energy conservation policies to improve the energy efficiency of equipment. 

  • In Australia, the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 mandates swimming pool and spa pool pumps supplied in Australia must carry an Energy Rating Label and comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards. 

  • In the United States, the Energy Policy and Conservation Act prescribes energy conservation standards that include dedicated-purpose pool pump motors, requiring the maximum improvement in energy efficiency.

  • While in Europe, in support of the energy transition, the European Parliament and Council recast the Energy Efficiency Directive and established the Energy Efficiency First principle to prioritize energy efficiency and lower production costs. 

All of this means that energy efficiency has become a mandatory consideration. As one of the technological innovations of intelligent pump systems, inverter pool pumps are the optimal pump solution to achieve high energy efficiency. Driven by inverter technology, pool pump motors are more efficient and can run at a set speed precisely to the pool's needs, resulting in maximum energy savings compared to other pool pumps.

2. Achieving high water efficiency is an urgent priority for pool pumps. 

Most parts of Europe have adequate water resources, but water scarcity and droughts are becoming increasingly frequent and widespread in the EU. A data set released by the United Nations states that in 2019, 29% of EU territory experienced water scarcity, affecting 38% of the EU's population, and the annual cost of droughts ranged from €2 to €9 billion.

In May 2023, a few EU nations, including France and Spain, banned water injections into swimming pools to lessen the effects of the ongoing drought. At Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, the organizer filled its pools and spas on display with vitalized seawater, which is to be reused in other facilities after the show as one of the measures to enhance sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint.

Heading into 2024, the drought situation in Spain remains severe. Beginning on February 1, the Catalunya region in Spain will ramp up water restrictions in an attempt to control the drought. These restrictions will include prohibiting the filling of public swimming pools, the use of showers in sports facilities, the filling of private swimming pools and ornamental fountains, as well as the watering of gardens and trees.

Thus, there is an urgent need for a pool pump that promotes efficient water use. Inverter pool pumps are the best option today, as they help to maintain crystal-clear water with hardly any water changes by circulating and filtering the pool around the clock.

3. Silence of pool pumps is becoming a dominant standard of choice for pool owners.

Pool pump noise is an irregular, random, low-frequency noise with high penetration and is hard to handle. The problem of pool pump noise not only reduces the family's quality of life but even negatively affects the neighbors, becoming one of the life problems that need to be solved urgently.

As the heart of a swimming pool system, the silencing upgrade of the pool pump becomes the key to creating a serene garden. Nowadays, the need for quieter pumps is increasingly apparent to overseas users. In the past, "no one ever asks about the noise of the pump. Now everyone asks and compares the running noise". 

Thanks to Aquagem and its partners that have been educating the market and users for the past few years. The pool pump manufacturer Aquagem is the Creator of the Inverter Pool Pump, which revolutionizes the way conventional pool pumps operate and has developed its own InverSilence technology. It is a ground-breaking Full-Inverter technology for pool circulation that allows pool pumps to run efficiently and quietly. Aquagem's inverter pool pumps have earned a reputation in the marketplace for their high efficiency and ultra-quiet performance. Since then, Aquagem has been leading the global pool pump market in the quest for quieter operation and driving pool owners' desire for a quieter pool experience, making the silent performance of pool pumps the dominant standard of choice.

Refining Pool Pump Silencing Technology to Unleash More Potential

Today, Aquagem has introduced more new inverter pool pumps with even better performance that exceeds the limits of inverter technology. 

InverPro, with its triple upgrades of intelligent inverter drive, volute hydraulic structure, and DC brushless motor, realizes accurate matching of water flow when dealing with multiple complex demands. It can effectively reduce the internal water impact and the operating noises from the motor and cooling fan, providing users with a quiet and comfortable swimming environment. At a distance of one meter, the InverPro pool pump is 30 times quieter than traditional pumps, with a sound level of only 33dB(A). For as little as 2.4 kWh per day, the InverPro pool pump can provide ultra-efficient, 24/7 pool water circulation with clear water quality that eliminates the need for frequent water changes and chemical treatments. InverPro's innovative use of InverSilence technology makes it the best pool pump for today's top three demands - energy efficiency, water conservation, and silent operation.

Building on InverSilence technology and combining it with innovations in water cooling systems, Aquagem has introduced the InverMaster, a new generation of inverter water-cooling pumps, which frees the pump from fans, eliminating the noise generated by fan operation and achieving 40 times more silent operation than single-speed pumps at a sound level down to 30dB(A). Thanks to a unique flow design and vortex hydraulics, the upgraded water-cooling motor of IE5 grade increases the operating efficiency of InverMaster pool pumps by up to 20 times. As one of the cutting-edge novelties in the Innovation Zone, InverMaster was one of the finalists in the Innovative Product Award at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, providing fresh possibilities for creating sustainable pools. 

Even more thrilling, at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, Aquagem demonstrated the latest model of pool pump (prototype) powered by the advanced InverSilence-Cooling technology, setting a Guinness World Records™ with a mere 25.57 dB(A) as the Quietest Pool Pump. Many visitors at the event couldn't believe their ears - because 'it's too quiet to believe'! Aquagem breaks Guinness World Records™ with silent pool pumps, marking the beginning of a new era in the pool pump industry.

Conclusion: A Good Investment With An Inverter Pool Pump

Inverter pool pumps are the only choice to meet today's water-saving, energy-efficient, and quiet-running requirements. And the most cost-effective investment you can make is the high-quality inverter pool pumps from Aquagem. As the first inverter pool pump manufacturer, Aquagem offers a wide range of intelligent inverter pool pumps that help pool owners save energy and water, delivering a superior experience while running quietly.

With the escalating demand for a smoother swimming experience and increased environmental awareness, Aquagem keeps innovating its pool pumps to optimize energy efficiency, water use, silent enhancements, and intelligent operation. Aquagem will help you revolutionize your pool while reducing water changes for a greener, more sustainable experience. 

Contact Aquagem experts for more information about the quietest pool pump that maximizes energy and water savings.