Swimming Pool Water Treatment


Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Release time:2022.06.28

Summer is coming, and the sport on swimming pool will become popular. The swimming pool will usher in its peak season. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the water treatment of the swimming pool to avoid the bad influence of improper water treatment. Next, the pool pump manufacturer will share with you the principles of swimming pool water treatment and help you understand the characteristics of swimming pool water treatment.

In a swimming pool that does not use a swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment system, the swimming pool water will become particularly dirty and unsanitary in two or three days after the water is changed. At this time, bacteria, viruses, algae, and various microorganisms will multiply in the pool water. It will cause harm to the human body in the swimming pool, so the swimming pool water must be clean, hygienic, and healthy, and the circulating water treatment system is a must for water process.

When the pool pump manufacturer designs the swimming pool filter pump equipment system, it first chooses an equipment system consisting of three functions: circulation, filtration, and disinfection, because only in this way can the swimming pool water be clean and healthy. When choosing a swimming pool filter pump from a pool pump supplier, we will choose a dedicated swimming pool pump to achieve the purpose of energy-saving, silence, and power saving. A new pool pump is an inverter pool pump that saves most energy consumption and reduces pumping noise at most. It is a top pick if you want to install one pool pump in your pool.

When it comes to choosing filtering equipment, it is suggested to choose the high-efficiency pool pump with a better filter, the filtering effect is guaranteed, and the cost is low, and the management and maintenance are easy. When choosing a disinfection system, you should choose according to the nature of the swimming pool. For general swimming pools, we use chlorine disinfection. For swimming pools, we choose ozone disinfection as the main method and chlorine disinfection as a supplement. For children’s swimming pool water treatment, we choose ultraviolet disinfection.

Swimming pool water treatment equipment specifically includes: swimming pool water pump, quartz sand filter, diatomaceous earth filter, gravity filter, automatic dosing pump, chlorine dioxide generator, ozone generator, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, water quality detector, Various equipment, facilities, instruments, and materials required for swimming pools such as water treatment chemicals.

The most important water equipment for swimming pool, i.e., pool pump, what should you pay attention to when you are in the market for the most energy-efficient and soundproof pool pump.

The swimming pool water pump is mainly used to provide the power required for the water circulation of the swimming pool. Only a suitable swimming pool water pump can supply water to the swimming pool effectively. Therefore, when choosing a water circulation pump for pool, we must be clear about the lift and power. For swimming pools with special water quality, an inverter pool pump should be selected to prevent the equipment from being corroded later and minimize noise from water pumping.

The configuration of the swimming pool filter pump must match the volume of the swimming pool, the size, and length of the water pipe, the size of the filter, and other factors. If the pipe system is too small, when water flows in the pipe, the resistance of the pipe to the water flow increases and the water flow will be restricted. Two results may occur:

1. Since the piping system cannot meet the pump’s circulation capacity at all, it will lead to power waste and increased operating costs.

2. Due to excessive suction, the pool pump cannot process enough water, resulting in cavitation. The large number of bubbles generated by this phenomenon will increase the noise, and worse, it will greatly shorten the service life of the pump, especially the water wheel. Therefore,  energy saving pool pump or quiet pool pump is suggested for wholesale pool pumps.

If the filter configuration of the swimming pool filter pump is too small, it will cause the water to flow through the filter faster, and the water will flow through the filter real quick. It will not only damage the filter but also cause the sand bed in the sand tank to form a water channel or damage the filter of the filter element, which will seriously affect the filtering effect.

Although some water circulation pump for pool from swimming pool pump supplier is installed on the ground, the water must pass through the pool filter pump to circulate into the living water. Once the plastic sealing ring is aging and deformed or the insulation layer is broken, the protection switch will fail. The leakage of the sealing ring will cause water to enter, which may cause leakage. Therefore, when choosing a swimming pool pump, the protection level of the pump motor, bearing, and mechanical seal must be highly considered.