5 Tips to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost


5 Tips to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost

5 Tips to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost

Release time:2021.09.24

The energy prices are increasing to record across Europe recently. In Germany, wholesale power prices have risen more than 60% this year. High energy bills is affecting millions of Europeans, urgent needs in reducing swimming pool maintenance costs are raised, as most of the pool appliances takes up a large part of the energy consumption at home.


Data from Bloomberg

Do you do the pool maintenance per month or per year? Have you ever think about how much does it cost to maintain a pool? More and more users are tuning to energy efficient pool pumps like inverter pool pumps, depending on the new technologies and methods to significantly lower the pool maintenance cost, providing a sustainable life and building a sustainable home.

What should you do to cut the huge cost from your backyard? Keep reading on the 5 tips to reduce pool maintenance cost you need to know now!


How to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Costs?

Here are 5 practical ways to help you reduce the ongoing pool maintenance costs while keeping the pool water safe and comfortable to swim in.

1.     Use a Pool Cover

Installing a pool cover is the easiest and most effective way to reduce the cost of maintaining a pool, which can save you swimming pool maintenance costs by at least 50% a year and bring you extra benefits.

A pool cover can prevent leaves and dirt from falling in the pool, which allows less cleaning and less costs in running the filter system frequently. Moreover, it is helpful in cutting costs of maintaining a pool in water lose, chemicals evaporation, and up to 70% pool heat loss.

2.     Run the Filter at Night

When the pool is not used at night, you don’t have to run the pool pump and the filter at full speed. Instead, operating your filter system at a lower capacity is way more efficient in both cleaning pool water and saving energy.

Additionally, electricity tariffs are much lower at night than the peak hours during the day, which means you can pay less for the electricity by setting the timer to run your swimming pool pump at night. 


3.     Clean the Filter Regularly

Clogged filters require the pool pump to work harder to maintain the regular circulation, meaning more energy is wasted as the result. Therefore, make sure to clean the leaves and debris in the skimmer baskets and pool pump basket, in order to keep your swimming pool filter system healthy and energy-efficient.

4.     Upgrade a More Energy Efficient Heating System

Running costs of the traditional gas heaters can be extremely high, reaching €800 to €1800 annually, which will be more expensive under the present power price and eco-laws.

By switching to an inverter pool heat pump, the annual running cost could fall to around €400, so why not turning to a more energy efficient and eco-green way of heating your pool?

5.     Install an Inverter Pool Pump

As the heart appliance of the pool circulation system, the pool pump runs at average 8 hours per day. Therefore, switching to an energy efficient inverter pool pump can significantly reduce the pool running costs. 

Unlike the traditional single speed pool pumps that can only run at full speed all the time, inverter pool pumps like InverPro can smartly running at 20-100% operating capacity under different circumstances, which can dramatically save energy up to 6 times. 


Best Pool Pump for Replacement

When choosing an inverter pool pump to replace your older single speed pool pump, the technical power of the inverter pool pump manufacturer is absolutely the most important factor to consider.

Distinguished from others in the pool industry, Aquagem, as the creator of the inverter pool pumps, stands out for its self-developed core inverter technology of InverSilence® Tech, which empowers its 1st full DC inverter pool pump InverPro with outstanding performance in 6 times energy saving, 30 times silence, long durability and easy maintenance, significantly saving you operating costs in the long run.

No matter in considering saving energy or protecting the environment, InverPro is your best choice to upgrade your modern swimming pool and start a sustainable life.

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